“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves”, Edmund Hillary.
Our expeditions will help you discover new feelings and develop new skills sets in each stage of the ascent.


Patagonia Mountain Life offers you the chance to discover the trails of northern of Patagonia has to offer in a different and customized way. Enjoy our many different trekking options that is therapeutic for your mind and body and soul.


Enjoy extraordinary experiences you will connect with nature as you explore the Andes Mountain Range, trekking spectacular mountain trails that connect to a series of beautiful mountaineering shelters.


Learn how to ski at the largest ski resort in South America, where you will find stunning views, a host of services and the best culinary experiences. If you already know how to ski, you will be able to rove Cerro Catedral in a different way, or get to know the many volcanos and mountains from Northern Patagonia while backcountry skiing..

Experience Patagonia

Travel Solution will be your ally to help organize your “TAILORED JOURNEY” through Northern Patagonia. They will advise on the best accommodations, dining destinations, transportation and alternative tourist activities (be it horseback riding, kayak touring, rafting, sailing, mountain biking, trekking and mountaineering) and winter activities such as skiing at Cerro Catedral and ski touring in the area surrounding Bariloche and Chile.

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